Partial Dentures Options


If you have lost your teeth and want a non-surgical way to replace them, we can provide you with partial dentures. There are several partial dentures options, and we can ensure that all of them look completely natural when you smile. Dentures do not have to be bulky, heavy, or ill-fitting. By visiting our Miami, FL dental office, you can have a set of flexible partial dentures that you enjoy wearing.

Partial Dentures Options

Flexible partial dentures. At Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics, we can fit you for a set of flexible partial dentures that are far more comfortable than a traditional set would be. There are no metal clasps when wearing this type of denture, which makes them blend in far more easily.

Valplast® dentures. There are several manufacturers of flexible dentures, but we prefer to use Valplast® dentures because we have found them to be better quality, easier to adjust, and more comfortable for our Miami patients. Their precise-fit technology ensures that you can eat like normal and speak with confidence without worrying about them becoming loose. Additionally, they are so flexible, you can literally bend them in your hand.

No-clasp partial dentures. If you have ever seen the top of someone’s retainer, then you can visualize what no-clasp partial dentures look like. The base is a mold of the roof of your mouth. This means that the piece fits the back of your existing teeth while replacing the ones you have lost. There may even be a small hole for one of your molars to go through if necessary. These are customized for each individual patient, so the fit is snug and tight while also comfortable. They are easy to get used to and more natural-looking than traditional dentures because you never see metal. This is a feature that our 33815 patients really appreciate.

Denture Alternatives

If you want to compare flexible partial dentures or Valplast® dentures with more permanent solutions, call (305) 230-4557 and schedule an appointment with our Miami dental office. At Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics, we can also provide you with dental implants that are surgically placed as a permanent and secure solution. Which option is best for you will be based on your personal goals, lifestyle, budget, and time constraints. We can walk you through all your options so you can make an informed decision.

Schedule an Appointment for Partial Dentures Today

If you currently have a set of dentures and are not satisfied with how they feel, fit, or look, make an appointment to discuss our no-clasp partial dentures. Se Habla Español, and we can make sure that you receive a set of new teeth that you will actually enjoy wearing. Dentures are supposed to make your life easier while giving you the confidence you need to both eat and smile. At Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics, we make that a real possibility. To get started, call our 33185 office at (305) 230-4557.


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