Why Invisalign® Is the Best Clear Braces Option

Posted on: April 12, 2016


As a Miami orthodontics office, we can straighten your teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted using clear braces. At Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics, we want to see you smile and we understand that this requires you to be confident in your appearance. If you do not like your teeth because they are crooked, you have gaps in between them, or your bite does not come together properly, you need a solution like Invisalign®. When you schedule an appointment with our 33185 office, we can examine you, take x-rays, and let you know if you qualify for this procedure.

Why Invisalign® is the Best Clear Braces Option

#1 – Invisalign® has been proven.

The Invisalign® treatment system is arguably the most popular choice when it comes to clear braces, and it has been used with great success. At Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics, we have watched it transform our patients' smiles and enjoyed seeing the transformation in both their appearance and confidence.

#2 – The aligners are removable.

This type of clear braces is not fixed to your teeth. Instead, you wear clear aligners that surround your teeth like a full plastic retainer would. The benefit of this system is that you take the aligners out as needed. This means you are in full control over your treatment schedule and that you can allow for flexibility in your life. If you are getting married, you can remove your aligners for the entire day whereas if you had traditional orthodontics, you would see braces in your wedding photos. This level of control and flexibility is one reason that our Miami patients love Invisalign®.

#3 – You can eat whatever you want.

As an adult, you have your favorite foods, since why should you have to stop eating them? If you get clear braces that are fixed to your teeth, biting into a juicy burger can leave an embarrassing mess between your teeth. With Invisalign®, that is never a problem. You are supposed to remove your aligners while eating, which means you can grab a burger, eat a plate of ribs, or enjoy crunchy carrots and apples without worrying about your orthodontics becoming damaged or full of food.

#4 – You see improvements as you go.

When you visit our Miami, FL office, we can show you pictures of patients who have worn Invisalign® and how their smile looked along the way. During the treatment, you will notice improvements to your smile, and since you can see your teeth through the aligners, you do not need to wait to enjoy the benefits of that. Instead of completing an orthodontics treatment before looking better, your appearance can be improved right away.

This is the year to change your appearance by improving your smile. Getting started with clear braces is as easy as scheduling an appointment with our 33185 orthodontics office. Se Habla Español, as well. Call (305) 230-4557 to improve your smile today. At Dentist of Miami and Orthodontics, we look forward to assisting you.

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